To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smalest detail.

1a Valkas street Riga Latvia
+371 22172216

СBP - a creative group that realizes creative ambitions in the field of conceptual art and design. The team is focused on the implementation of own artistic ideas in spaces and environments. We are constantly looking for new emotions, creating new forms and atmospheres. We have an experience in applying our talents and connections for implementation of projects.

Stephan Boldirev - designer, mastermind and creator of CBP Design Studio. His taste is ahead of trends and his perfectionism in relation to his works is ahead of opportunities. The experience of the CBP team goes beyond interior design. We are developing design of private and public spaces, interiors and objects of art, we create custom-made furniture, corporate identity and much more, where creativity, uniqueness and excellence are needed. The main principles of our team are passion for work, pleasure from the process and the result, both for us and for our customers. We clearly know how to apply future trends in to a reasonable, practical and customer-centric solutions, by paying attention to every detail and highlighting the uniqueness of each customer.

Services provided by CBP: Concept of interior design, architecture. • 3D visualization • Space planning • Technical project • Outlay of construction work • Furniture design and manufacture • Supervision of projects • Full project management and control of implementation • Selection of furniture • Decoration.